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Towing Service

During Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM If you are unsure as to whether your vehicle is safe to drive after an accident, call Custom Auto Body and we will have your vehicle towed from the scene of the accident to our facility. Driving a severely damaged vehicle is dangerous and may cause additional damage to your vehicle. The additional damage caused by driving after an accident may or may not be covered by your insurance. If your vehicle is not drivable and the police are called to the accident scene please tell them you would like your vehicle towed to us. If you do not specify a shop they will have your vehicle towed to an impound lot . This will result in a second tow from the impound lot to our repair facility. We would like to save the cost of a second tow but should it occur most insurance companies will pay for it.

After Business Hours

Please call BELDEN VILLAGE TOWING at 330-499-8500. They are our preferred towing company and we trust you will receive quality service. They will tow your vehicle to their impound lot. You can call them during business hours to have your vehicle released and Custom Auto Body will then make arrangements to have your vehicle towed to our facility. This will involve an unavoidable second tow since the vehicle was towed from the accident scene after hours. However, most insurance companies will pay for this tow. If your vehicle is in a police impound lot or the storage lot of the towing company that performed the original tow YOU will have to contact them to authorize release of the vehicle. Custom Auto Body is not able to authorize release of your vehicle.