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29 Sep 2017

Top reasons to select a certified collision repair shop

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Whether we are going to our doctor, meeting with our financial adviser or having our teeth cleaned, we gain confidence when we see those professionals’ certifications on display.

The same goes for your car or truck when it comes time for bodywork. Look for a certified collision repair shop and be confident you are getting the best.

Just as you wouldn’t consider undergoing an operation performed by a surgeon who lacks board certifications, you shouldn’t trust your car to any old auto body shop. Certified collision repair centers have invested in training, education and professionalism that put them at the top of the industry.

One of the highest certified collision repair achievements is attaining the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class. It is not easy to attain. Only 20 percent of the auto body shops nationwide hold I-CAR Gold Class certification.

What does certified collision repair work deliver for you?

For one thing, you can count on the fact that a Gold Class business has achieved the highest level of training across all of the major collision repair jobs. Further, Gold Class shops commit to ongoing development of knowledge development and skills training for staff.

Gold Class certified collision repair also means the shop you’ve selected recognizes its relationship with you starts with your trust that they’ll deliver to your high standards. Trust is paramount. A certified collision repair shop is one you can trust. The business meets rigorous requirements and demonstrates the highest levels of competence in all of the skills required for the auto body repair excellence you demand.

In addition, a certified collision repair center makes sure your car is safe before you leave the property. The techs at a certified shop have been trained to the industry’s highest standards to do top-quality work and to never compromise on safety.

It’s almost inevitable that someday you’ll need to have some repair work on your car’s body. To help ease your anxiety at this stressful time, we highly recommend you chose a certified collision repair shop. Should that time come for you, it is good to know Custom Auto Body is an I-CAR Gold Class certified collision repair shop in the Canton area.

Custom Auto Body continues to meet the education requirements for the I-CAR Gold Class certification. Our associates are knowledgeable about the proper repair processes needed to get your car back to pre-accident condition, both structurally and cosmetically.

Wherever you decide to take your car, you are making a good choice if it’s a Gold Class shop.