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28 Aug 2017

Avoid Distracted Driving, Keep Out of the Body Repair Shop

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We’ve all seen them — accidents caused by distractions. Any driver can easily be distracted while on the road to their next destination, often resulting in a trip to the body repair shop, or worse.

We now have more distractions in our cars than ever. Cell phones, navigation systems, display screens and other convenience equipment can get in the way of our focus.

Traditional driving distractions such as the radio, passenger and pet activity, eating in the car and other forms of multi-tasking can be accidents waiting to happen leading us to the body repair shop.

We’re all guilty of not fully paying attention to the road at times. But realizing the hazards before they cause an accident can keep us safe. Here are six important tips to help avoid a fender bender:

1.Put Your Cell Phone Down.
We’ve all done it — checked texts, emails, voice messages and directions on our cell phone while driving. Cell phones are huge distractions and one of the leading causes of accidents. Putting your cell phone out of sight will help reduce the temptation to pick it up while behind the wheel.

2. Limit the Number of Passengers and Pets In Your Car.
It’s only natural, the more bodies in the car, the more distractions. Sometimes, we have no choice but to haul a group of family members, co-workers or four-legged friends. In these instances, keep your attention on the road, not on what others are saying or doing.

3. Set Your Navigation System Before Putting Your Car in Gear.
It’s never a good idea to fiddle with entering your destination while driving. Planning ahead can help keep your mind solely on the task at hand, safely getting where you want to go.

4. Don’t Eat and Drive.
Eating in the car can save you some time, but it can also take your focus off the road and other drivers. Take an extra few minutes to eat before embarking on your journey, or wait until you get where you’re going.

5. Don’t Drink and Drive.
While seemingly obvious, many people still don’t heed this rule. Drinking impairs your ability to concentrate on the road. If you’re going to be drinking alcohol, be sure to designate a driver before going out on the town.

6. Don’t Attempt to Multi-Task.
We all spend a lot of time in our vehicles. It’s only natural for us to want to get some other things done as we commute. But don’t be tempted to call or text friends, search for good music, take a selfie to post on social media or attempt any other sort of multi-tasking on your commute.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distractions while driving cause more accidents than anything else. Following these six helpful tips will help you keep your focus on the road and your car out of the body repair shop.