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Rust Repair

Rust Repair

Rust can ruin the body of your car inch by inch. It begins as a small spot under a paint chip and eventually turns into pits and then holes. Although the deterioration process happens over time, it’s common knowledge that bare steel with moisture and oxygen creates a large rust spot. Add road salt in winter to speed up the process. Custom Auto Body can restore your vehicle body with our ValuGard Rust Proofing services.

Expect a Perfect Bumper Restoration from Our Expert Staff

Since 1961, our certified, highly-trained technicians have been repairing bumpers. Let us save you time, money and stress with a professional bumper repair. Our shop is not part of a chain but is independently owned and operated. Our staff takes great pride in giving you the service and quality that you need.

Stop Surface Rust

Great improvements have been made over the years to slow down the rusting process. Modern vehicles are less prone to rust that those of yesteryear. Auto manufacturers now coat or galvanize the steel and an OEM “E” coat protects vehicles from rusting from the inside out. Surface rust can still occur once the integrity of the paint and the “E” coat have been broken. If ignored, the spot will get bigger and bigger and become a series of rust pits and can eventually lead to rust-outs. Repairing surface rust is easy and inexpensive. It is highly effective if done properly. This is the time to stop the rust before it becomes too bad. We can remove the rust, recondition the metal, fill the pits, and repaint the area.

Repair Rust-Outs

Eventually, surface rust will become a rust-out. Not only are they ugly holes, but they are also a safety hazard because the vehicle relies on every panel to maintain crashworthiness and structural integrity. Repairs are more complicated than those described above for surface rust. Some vehicles cannot be easily repaired because they are unsafe on the road. Our highly trained technicians can advise you on the safety of your vehicle and the type of repair that is best for you. Panels may need to be replaced. Recommendations vary with the type of vehicle.

Get More Information on Rust Repair

Our highly skilled technicians can give you a personal estimate and recommendation of the work that is needed to repair your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or speak with one of our technicians about your vehicle.

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