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Rental Car Service


We will be happy to make a rental car reservation for you that will coordinate with your scheduled repair. You may use the rental company of your choice. However, if you ask for our recommendation we recommend ENTERPRISE for their service, price, availability and variety of vehicles.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Rental vehicles can be picked up and dropped off at our shop or you can utilize a free shuttle service to and from the rental car office.

Choice of Vehicles

Rental vehicle models are categorized according to size and corresponding prices. ENTERPRISE offers vehicles many varieties of vehicles including Compact, Mid-Size, Intermediate, Full Size, Premium, and Specialty vehicles such as Minivans, SUV's both large and small, and Pickup Trucks. You need to consider the insurance rental car payment coverage's when choosing your vehicle. Please see below.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Rental Vehicle

If your insurance company is paying for the rental car, be sure to check with them for your specific rental car coverage's and limitations before you choose your rental car. Most insurance companies have a per diem coverage with a maximum cap. Example: $25/day with a maximum of 25 days or $625.

The amount of time (number of days) that it will take to repair your vehicle is determined by the amount of damage that has been sustained. Factors that result in the extension of the time the vehicle is at the shop can include but are not limited to supplemental damage and/or supplemental parts. Because your insurance policy has set a maximum for rental car coverage, please be aware that the repair process may exceed your coverage.

For example, if your vehicle has sustained a significant amount of damage and it will be in the body shop a month which is twenty-two working days or thirty days total including weekends and you have rental car coverage of $50 per day with a maximum cap of $1000 and if you use your maximum daily rental and rent a vehicle that costs $50 per day for 30 days your total rental car costs minus taxes will be $1500 or $500 over your $1000 maximum and you will owe $500 out of pocket plus tax and waivers if you contracted for them. You could have optimized your rental cover if you had rented a $25 per day vehicle instead of the $50 per day vehicle and used it for 30 days your total cost would be $750.This is $250 under your $1000 maximum cap and you don't have to pay out of pocket. If the other party's insurance company is paying for the rental car, be sure to check with them as to the per diem coverage but also make them aware of any specific needs (number of children, work situations) that you may have.

Payment of the Rental Bill

Each insurance company has a specific procedure for paying rental car bills. Many companies will accept a direct billing from the car rental company. However, some insurance companies will require that you pay for the rental vehicle and send them the bill. They will then reimburse you. Check with the insurance company paying for your rental to determine how the payment will be handled.


Even if an insurance company is paying for your car rental, most rental car companies will require you to provide them with a credit card. They will put a certain dollar amount on your card as a deposit in case you damage their vehicle while it is in your possession.

Age Restrictions

Many car rental companies will not rent to drivers under age of 21. However, some insurance companies have agreements with car rental companies to waive this restriction and will rent to a driver under 21. You can call Custom Auto Body or the car rental company to make your reservation please disclose the age of the driver and ask if there is a restriction.

Damage Waivers

All car rental companies offer several different supplemental insurance policies. They are often collectively referred to as Damage Waivers or they may be named individually : Loss Damage Waiver, Liability Insurance Supplement, Personal Accident Insurance & Personal Effects coverage. They provide various coverage's at various costs. It is very important to call you insurance agent and ask if the insurance coverage on your personal vehicle transfers to the rental vehicle while you are driving it. Also ask their advice about accepting the various types of supplemental insurance being offered.An insurance company may be paying for the cost of the car rental but most do not pay the cost for the Damage Waivers or other Supplemental Coverages.