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10 Jun 2016

Prevent Collisions this Summer: Safe Driving Tips for Teens

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The trees are green and flowers are blooming and school is out ... It must be summer, which is also the most dangerous time of the year for teenage drivers. Here are six tips to help keep them safe and prevent collisions.

I know being a parent it has always been a priority to keep our children safe. We always taught the basic safety strategies to our younger children. Don't talk to strangers,  don't take candy from strangers and never get in a car with someone you don't know. 

These are great for younger children but what about our teens? What about the ones driving a car? What, as parents, can we do to help keep them safe? Here is a short list of what I taught my children on safe driving to prevent collisions and accidents.

Tips to Prevent Collisions among Teen Drivers

1. The most important one ... always, always, did I say always? 

                      "WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT"

Seat belts are so easy to put on today. There is no excuse for not having one on and that goes for everyone in the car. You can't always prevent collisions, but you can be safe and prepared by always wearing your seat belt.

2. AVOID DISTRACTIONS  It should go without saying no texting and driving but I am going to say it  "NO TEXTING AND DRIVING" This should include phone calls and other kids in the car reading texts to the driver. The driver needs to focus on driving the car. Another helpful tip that I used with my kids was put a number limit on how many kids they can have in the car at any one time.

3. SLOW DOWN  This is a tough one. The cars are so smooth and fast today it is easy to do 65 mph in a 45 mph zone and not even know it. Late for meeting your friends at an event? Speeding through traffic and risking a mishap will only save you maybe 2 minutes. You need to ask yourself, is it worth it?

4. THE THREE SECOND RULE  Distance is your friend while driving your car. If you pick out a fixed object while driving and the car in front of you passes it count one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three. If you have passed that fixed object before you got to three you are too close. During inclement weather, double the three second rule to 6 seconds.

5. SAFETY FIRST  Do your kids have their own car or do they share the family car? When was the last time somebody actually opened the hood and checked hoses, belts, oil coolant, and brake fluid levels? Tire pressure and tire depth should be inspected. They check this stuff on an airplane before every  flight . So once a month should be adequate. This should help avoid the situation  of your daughter calling you that the car is on the side of the road and is smoking... 

6. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL  If any of the maintenance stuff from above makes you say what is this guy talking about? The best place to find information is your owners manual. It has all the information you could ever need. Here are some YouTube videos that  will help educate you and your children to properly prepare yourself and children for a safe summer driving season.