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8 Steps to Take after a Fender Bender

You can save yourself a lot of grief by following these 8 steps to take after a fender bender. You may be able to avoid legal problems, insurance disputes, and court cases by watching what you say and do. Stay calm and follow these steps: Stay at the scene Don’t leave until the police dismiss… Read More

Eight Great Winter Driving Tips

1. Check your tires.  Tires worn close to the wear bar should be replaced. 2. Avoid deep snow… Be realistic.  If the roads are that bad do you really need to be driving? 3. Leave early and feather the gas pedal to match driving conditions. 4. Slow down, look ahead and brake smoothly. 5. Leave additional… Read More

My Car is Totaled- Now What?

If you have been in an auto accident and your insurance adjuster has determined that your car is totaled, you probably have a lot of questions. How is it determined that your car is a total loss? Typically, if the cost to repair the damage exceeds 70-80% of the pre-accident value of your car, the… Read More

Birds Prefer Pooping on Red Cars!

Bright red cars attract more bird droppings than any others, according to research from British automotive supplier Halfords.Its researchers checked out 1,140 cars in Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol over two consecutive days, and found that green cars came off best, followed by silver. White vehicles fared better than black. Eighteen percent of red… Read More

Rust – The Silent Killer

Lance Runion, Custom Auto Body, Inc. Remember the days of rusted out two-year old cars and how we envied those that lived in Florida because their cars stayed pristine? In the past two decades the auto manufacturing process has improved and strengthened the finish on cars and trucks so that rust seems almost a thing… Read More

How to Protect Yourself When Renting a Car

By Lance Runion, Custom Auto Body, Inc. I recently chatted with a friend of mine who works for an insurance company and we started talking about insurance claims. He said that there has been a big increase in claims that car rental companies are making against their renter’s insurance companies. I asked “What kind of… Read More