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Custom Auto Body

Custom Auto Body to the rescue!

There are many ways to damage your car and Custom Auto Body can fix them all! It is a beautiful summer day and you are sitting at a traffic light and it happens. You hear this thud followed by your car being lurched ahead. You have just been rear ended. Accidents come in various degrees of damage… Read More

8 Steps to Take after a Fender Bender

You can save yourself a lot of grief by following these 8 steps to take after a fender bender. You may be able to avoid legal problems, insurance disputes, and court cases by watching what you say and do. Stay calm and follow these steps: Stay at the scene Don’t leave until the police dismiss… Read More

Eight Great Winter Driving Tips

1. Check your tires.  Tires worn close to the wear bar should be replaced. 2. Avoid deep snow… Be realistic.  If the roads are that bad do you really need to be driving? 3. Leave early and feather the gas pedal to match driving conditions. 4. Slow down, look ahead and brake smoothly. 5. Leave additional… Read More