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Hail Damage Repair

Hail Damage Repair

Sudden spring and summer storms can sweep in before you know it and dump damaging hail on your vehicle. You may not have had time to put your vehicle in the garage, or you were at work or at the shopping center where there is no protection. Now your once beautiful vehicle looks like it has polka dots with dents everywhere. Custom Auto Body can quickly take care of any hail damage repair.

Save Time and Money on Your Hail Damage Repair

It used to be that every dent and ding had to be pounded out and the vehicle repainted. This was an expensive venture. In 1983, paintless dent repair was invented, and Custom Auto Body saw this as a great way to save our customers a lot of time and money on hail damage repair. If dents could be pushed out without damaging the paint, the car would not need to be repainted. This alone would save a lot of time and money.The vehicle would retain it’s original factory finish.

Be Amazed at the Technology

Today hail damage is repaired by a collection of techniques that is almost an art form. These techniques are combined together to push the dent out from the inside. The metal is carefully worked back into place until you can’t see the damage anymore. Special lighting is required to show the distortion, so the technician can see the end of the tool being used to thrust the metal back into place.

Ask If You Qualify for This Savings

This method works for both aluminum and steel panels. However, if the dent is too deep or the paint is damaged, paintless dent repair may not be for you. The only way to know for sure is to have an expert inspect your dents. Contact us today to arrange a free inspection. We will be glad to give you an estimate of the cost to repair hail damage on your vehicle.

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