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Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass is a very strong and dependable material, but when small holes and cracks develop, taking immediate action can prevent more severe, costly damage from spreading. One of the greatest advantages to fiberglass as a material is that it repairs very easily. If your vehicle is need of fiberglass repair from fuzzy edges to large gashes, look no further than Custom Auto Body for quick and reliable service. We will ensure that any damage we repair will be seamless and match the rest of the undamaged fiberglass.

Your Leading Choice in Fiberglass Repair

Because fiberglass is simply layers of glass fabric that are saturated with polyester or epoxy resin, some skilled application of new glass fiber and resin will make any repair indistinguishable from the rest of the vehicle. Here are the steps we will take in to get your vehicle looking good as new:
  1. Clean up and prepare the damaged area.
  2. Prepare the patches of fiberglass and resin.
  3. Apply the resin and fiberglass to the damaged area.
  4. Apply gel coat or paint as needed
  5. Sand and buff

When Your Vehicle Suffers from Fiberglass Tears and Holes, Custom Auto Body Is Here for a Free Estimate

As your Ohio collision repair experts with over 50 years of professional collision repair, we offer free estimates on any type of collision damage. Though fiberglass is comparatively easy to repair, foregoing proper, professional care will lead to further headaches down the road. We follow a rigorous Six Point Gold Standard of Care with every customer. Custom Auto Body’s trained and certified technicians are happy to assist you with any of your auto body needs. We want to make repairing your fiberglass as quick and painless as possible. Contact us today, so we can get your vehicle looking good as new.

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