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28 Nov 2017

Late Fall is Prime Season for a Deer Accident in Ohio

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Did you know that we have a better-than-average chance of being involved in a deer accident while driving on Ohio’s roadways?

According to a 2015-2016 State Farm Insurance report, Ohioans have a one-in-126 chance of hitting a deer while driving. Ohio also is in the top 20 states when it comes to auto-deer accidents. More than 62,000 collisions were reported in 2015-2016.

We’re coming into the season when most deer accidents occur. Why? No, it’s not because deer are intentionally trying to wreak havoc on our cars, one of our most prized possessions. There are three primary reasons.

1. Deer are in search of food.
Deer are on the hunt for food during the fall and winter months. As vegetation dies and trees drop their leaves, deer are forced to leave the security of the forests to forage for adequate food. Often this causes them to venture closer to the roadways.

2. Deer are in search of a mate.
Late in October and into November, deer enter their annual mating season. As bucks instinctually pursue doe, they often are less cautionary near the highway. Frequently, they chase doe right into traffic.

3. Deer are fleeing danger
As hunters enter the woods in Ohio late in the fall, deer often are scared out of their habitat. Bow season and gun season both have an impact on the herds, as deer attempt to avoid being the target of an arrow or a bullet.

Stark County is in the heart of Ohio deer territory. And, we’ve all been in the car minding our own business, when out of nowhere, a deer bounds onto the highway.

With the average cost of a deer accident claim coming in right around $4,000, Stark Countians are wise to be on the lookout, as we get further into fall.

So, if you do fall victim to an auto-deer accident, be sure to find your local I-Car Gold certified collision repair shop to receive the best, certified auto body repair service available.

In Stark County, that’s Custom Auto Body. We’ve been fixing dents and scratches caused by deer accidents for more than 50 years. We’re here if and when you need us.