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16 Jan 2015

Eight Great Winter Driving Tips

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winter driving tips

1. Check your tires.  Tires worn close to the wear bar should be replaced.

2. Avoid deep snow... Be realistic.  If the roads are that bad do you really need to be driving?

3. Leave early and feather the gas pedal to match driving conditions.

4. Slow down, look ahead and brake smoothly.

5. Leave additional room between you and the cars around you.

6. When you make a turn, be sure that your turn is flat. Don't pitch the body of the car. On an icy road the sideways inertia can slide you off the road or into another car. Picture a plate with a marble in the center.  Your turn should be such that it is   not enough to pitch the marble out of the center of the plate.

7. Try not to leave home with less than a half of tank of gas. You could be stuck in traffic for hours.

8. Don't ever spin your tires in reverse. An automobiles transmission isn't made to spin backward. It can damage a transmission in just a few minutes. So if you can't get unstuck call a tow truck the price of a tow is far less than repairing a transmission.