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Dent Removal in North Canton, Ohio

Dent Removal in North Canton, Ohio

Dents in your vehicle may seem like nothing more than a superficial detail, but many auto experts see dents as the beginning of a decrease in value. If a dent has exposed metal it can start to rust. This can start in a minor place on your vehicle and then spread across the surface of the damaged panel. More importantly, it can decrease the value of your car and shorten it’s life span. Custom Auto Body is the leader in dent removal in North Canton, Ohio. Even a single small dent will impact you in the long run – rust on your vehicle means more maintenance, and more expenses. If you ever want to trade or resell your vehicle, even just a small dent will drastically lower your bargaining leverage. Auto dealers and potential buyers will see it as the first sign of future problems with the vehicle. To save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run, use paintless dent repair, which saves car owners time and money. This method can repair even the smallest dent without removing the paint. Because the auto expert will not need to repaint the panel on your vehicle, you won’t need to purchase any paint or pay the extra expense; technicians stretch the dent from the inside out, forcing the metal back into its original shape. There are special tools and lighting that technicians use for this. Paintless dent repair is ideal for shallow dents, like door dings and hail damage. It works best on vehicles with either aluminum or steel panels, but if the dent is too deep or has chipped the paint, paintless dent repair won’t work.

Dent Removal With Custom Auto Body

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