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11 Aug 2016

Custom Auto Body to the rescue!

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There are many ways to damage your car and Custom Auto Body can fix them all!

It is a beautiful summer day and you are sitting at a traffic light and it happens. You hear this thud followed by your car being lurched ahead. You have just been rear ended. Accidents come in various degrees of damage and causes; from a slight bump or scuff with little to no damage to a major collision. We see them all day, everyday because this is what Custom Auto Body specializes in- auto collision repair.

Light damage: This is generally caused in parking lots. The root cause is people parking to close to one another and opening their door without regard to their surroundings. It can be as small as a door ding. Sounds like an easy fix, doesn't it? Well, it sure can be with a great paintless dent repair (PDR). How does PDR work? A technician will work to stretch that ding out of the metal without damaging the paint on the exterior side of the panel. This is a true art and if done correctly it will produce a very nice repair and it will keep your paint all original. The average cost for a PDR is around $150.00.

If the paint is missing from ding this becomes a game changer. Now the panel must be refinished and, depending on the location, it may be necessary to blend the adjacent panel for color match. To remove a ding like that you could spend around $300.00 and up. Moral of the story watch how and where you park. Remember walking is a great for your health and can be even better for your pocket book.

Bumper damage comes in several varieties. I think I will make it by the post or if I back up just a little more... oops... But let us not forget the famous thud bump from someone not paying attention and bumping into the rear of your vehicle. The root cause here is a real variable-; not paying attention or rushing through rather than doing a go around to make sure your vehicle will clear an object. The cost to repair damage like this can go from $400.00 up to a couple thousand dollars depending on amount of damage and type of vehicle you drive.

Light collision damage: Root cause two objects trying to occupy the same place at the same time.That is why they call them accidents. This is when damage is great enough that parts need to be replaced. This could include fenders doors rear panel headlights taillights. This type of collision is generally a bolt on replacement parts and the vehicle can still be driven. Cost to repair this damage would start around $2500.00 and go up to about $6000.00

Medium to heavy collision repair: This is when you need a tow truck and your air bags have gone off. You are thankful that no one was seriously injured. Your vehicle will require major surgery at the collision center. We will need to repair your cars body along with replacing the supplemental restraints and re-programing your electronics. The cost to repair can be $12,000.00 and up depending on the type vehicle you own.

All accidents are traumatic. They are expensive and effect our everyday well being. Some random thoughts I have regarding safety while driving a car . These are things I taught my children:

  • Always leave extra room between you and the car in front of you.
  • Slow down for inclement weather.
  • Always wear a seat belt. This can be the deciding factor whether you survive a major collision.
  • If you are out of control- and this is hard to do- but if there is anyway you can avoid a tree, do it at any cost. Trees are not made like poles or signs to break away. They just don't move at all and are very dangerous.
  • Drive the car and look where you want the car to go. Your hands will steer the car as to where your eyes are looking.
  • Don't text and drive.

Driving is a serious thing and warrants our full attention. When people do something stupid in a car that impacts you, we need to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect driver. We all make mistakes.