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Auto Frame Repair

Auto Frame Repair

When your vehicle undergoes any frame damage, the fear of outrageous auto collision repair costs may leave you wondering if you can’t just address the problem yourself. Damage to the frame of your car is a serious matter, and driving with a compromised frame, if possible, is incredibly dangerous. Attempting to fix the damage on your own may only compound the danger. Auto frame repair requires a trained, skilled technician.

Quality Auto Frame Repair from our Skilled Technicians

Custom Auto Body provides expert auto body frame repair with computerized measuring to ensure our work is as accurate as possible without risking further damage. Using hydraulics and torque, our frame straightening equipment allows us to push and pull your frame easily.. This allows us to return your frame or unibody to pre-accident, factory specifications. We can accommodate vehicles of any size.

Your Vehicle May Have Suffered More Damage Than You Think

Accidents of every kind, even low-speed collisions, can bend and contort your vehicle in alarmingly significant ways. This is intentional. As auto safety has become increasingly advanced in the past few decades, vehicle manufacturers have developed a crumple zone. The crumple zone is designed to absorb most of the impact from a collision, thereby sparing the occupants of the vehicle from more serious injuries. This means car accidents are less deadly, but it also means your vehicle may have sustained more damage from a not-so-severe impact than you might have first guessed.

Custom Auto Body Follows the Six Point Gold Standard of Care

For each and every repair, Custom Auto Body wants to make sure the customer is cared for, from the first call through the entire repair process. Give us a call today for a free estimate, and we can begin the process of getting your vehicle back to pre accident condition.

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