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28 Apr 2016

Auto Detailing: It really is all in the detail

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Auto Detailing in Canton Ohio

The average cost of a new  car is $33,340.00, making it the second most expensive item that you will buy.  The average car payment is $483.00 per month.  The life span of a new car is 10 years or 200,000 miles. Auto detailing in Canton Ohio may not seem important, but it is necessary to keep your car in the best shape possible. 

Six Reasons Auto Detailing is Important

 1.  Resale value   Every dealer selling a used cars spends the time and money on auto detailing. This helps them to maximize their profits. If you are going to sell or trade in your car have it detailed.  Detailing may add as much as a $1000.00 or more to your value . If you sell it yourself the buyer will be getting in a nice clean and a car that smells good. They can picture themselves driving away with this car. Nobody wants to drive or ride in a car that smells like an old tennis shoe.

2. Extends paint life span   The paint on today's vehicles has come a long way in the past 20 years. Clear coat has made the need for monthly waxing to stop fade a thing of the past. The paint still needs attention a good yearly detail which includes waxing helps to protect the finish. It will protect your car  from bugs, tar, bird droppings and other environmental attacks on your paint. The detail specialist can help you identify a problem before it becomes a big problem.

3. Extends life span of mechanical items   Road deicers are a new problem for shortening the life span of your vehicles body, brake and fuel lines. The chemical in the liquid deicers are eating steel and aluminum and everything it can except plastic. A proper detail in  deicer areas of the country would include a power washing of the underside of the vehicle. This would help to extend the life span of your radiator and a/c condenser as well as fuel and brake lines.

4. Your interior needs love too   Leather seats need to be treated so they don't dry out and crack. Cloth seats can use a good cleaning to help remove food stains and pet hair and unpleasant odors. There is nothing like the smell of a new car and the next best thing is the smell of a clean car.

5. The days of wheel covers has come and gone   Aluminum wheels are the rage. They are so sharp looking and with big slots in them to improve brake cooling. Along with that comes big brake dust sticking to your wheels and leaving rust colored flakes stuck to them. Auto detailing helps to clean your wheels and keeps them looking like new.

6. Pride of ownership   You have bought the second most expensive thing you will ever own. You have worked so hard to pay for it. Why wouldn't you want to extend the life span of your vehicle and reap the rewards of all the stuff we have listed? The plus side is a clean car just feels good.

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