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02 Jul 2015

8 Steps to Take after a Fender Bender

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You can save yourself a lot of grief by following these 8 steps to take after a fender bender. You may be able to avoid legal problems, insurance disputes, and court cases by watching what you say and do. Stay calm and follow these steps:

  1. Stay at the scene Don’t leave until the police dismiss you, or an emergency vehicle drives you away. Don’t move the cars until directed to do so by the police. They will want to take pictures.

  2. Immediately check on everyone involved in the accident

  3. Call the police and an emergency vehicle (if needed)

  4. Gather information

    Don’t talk about the accident or give out info about it, but instead get information from others while you are waiting for the police to arrive.

    • Take pictures of the accident and those involved

    • Exchange contact and insurance information (Do not give out your social security number)

    • Talk to witnesses and get their contact information and ask what they saw

    • When the police arrive, get the policeman’s name and badge number

  5. Call your insurance company

    Report the accident to your insurance company and let them know that they will be contacted by the other party.

  6. Keep track of your medical treatment

    It is wise to get checked by a doctor and get X-rays if you suspect any problems. Many times injuries don’t show up for a day or two. These expenses are reimbursable.

  7. Check on any property damage

    If any property was damaged, take pictures of it and give the owner your contact information. For example, a mailbox might be knocked down, or the yard turfed.

  8. Have your vehicle repair estimated Once you have left the area, ask a reputable body shop for an estimate of the repairs needed. Give this to your insurance company. Three estimates are not needed—only one. Contact Custom Auto Body to speak to an expert in accident repairs and insurance settlements.

By staying calm and being careful what you say and to whom, you can simplify the process and leave your options open for insurance claims later.